Smoking Apparatus

The Most Convenient Cannabis Cleaning Solution

Do you need your smoking apparatus cleaned? JK Remedy provides a cannabis cleaning solution that is both fast and convenient.

Whether you need your bong, pipe, or rig cleaned, you can rely on our services. We treat every piece as one of our own and give it our full attention. A clean pipe offers the best smoking experience. As the resin, ash, and tar start to build up, the quality of your smoke goes down.

Dirty bongs quickly lose their flavor and their ability to even be smoked. The tars that build up as you smoke have a distinct chemical taste that can ruin even the highest quality product. If enough, tar builds up, your favorite piece can even become unusable.

Thankfully, our company offers a cannabis cleaning solution that can handle all of these problems for you! We utilize an ultrasonic sink to wash away any resin and buildup. Magnets are attached to the bottom vibrating 40,000 times a second, agitating the water. The agitation, along with a special detergent, allows us to vibrate away the resin from the pipes.

Oregon trusts JK Remedy to handle all of its smoking apparatuses, including pipes and bongs. Reach out to us today to schedule your cleaning.

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