Resin Remover

Remove Resin and Restore Taste

Eventually, your rig will need the service of an expert resin remover to keep your piece in great shape and get you the most out of your smoking experience. That’s when it’s time to turn to JK Remedy, our experienced bong and pipe cleaning service.

Resin naturally builds up as cannabis breaks down while being smoked. It is a combination of ash, tar, and other compounds that are byproducts of smoking. When we remove resin, we restore the taste and enhance your smoking experience. 

Over time, this tar can cause your pipe to develop a bad taste. In particularly bad cases, it can even lead to high-quality strains losing their subtle tastes.

Even worse, resin can eventually cause your pipe or bong to become unsmokable. Severe resin build-ups can clog your piece, which makes it unusable. Rather than replacing expensive and one-of-a-kind pieces, you can contact our expert cleaners to get your pipe, bong, or rig back in full working condition.

JK Remedy is dedicated to making sure that your smoking gear stays in the best shape possible. As a resin remover and cleaning service, we cut no corners to keep your piece in pristine shape. Best of all, we travel right to your door.

When you need someone to remove resin, choose JK Remedy. Our cleaners can work around your day and come to your door as you need.

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