JK Remedy

JK Remedy is Your First Choice for Mobile Pipe Cleaning

At JK Remedy, we take pride in offering the best smoking pipe cleaning in the state of Oregon. Our company is fully mobile which means we can clean your smoking equipment while making sure your busy schedule remains unchanged.

We have been honing our craft and we have become the state of Oregon’s most trusted cleaner of smoking pipes, bongs, and rigs. No matter how dirty your piece has gotten, we can restore it so it smokes just like the first day you got it.

At JK Remedy, we take our job seriously. Cleaning your smoking pipe is about more than just cleaning. It’s about restoring your full smoking experience. All of the flavors, a fully usable pipe, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are getting the full range of flavors from your smokable product. That’s what motivates us to stay the number one smoking pipe cleaning company in the state of Oregon.

Our cleaners are ready to head out to your location and get your pipes cleaned. Get in touch with us today to schedule your next cleaning.

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